As you might expect, massaging the ears forms part of any facial treatment and was certainly included when I did my Tsuboki training.  However, I have looked more deeply into ear massage and, unless a client objects to having their ears massaged, incorporate a more focused ear massage into my Tsuboki face massage treatment.

The ears are what are known as a microsystem of the body.  This means that they are a map of the entire body in an inverted foetal position.  When the ears are thoroughly massaged points are stimulated, signals are sent to the diencephalon of the brain and thence along neurological pathways to corresponding body parts.  This means that treatment of the ears can be used therapeutically.  You may have heard of the stimulation of certain points on the ears by an acupuncturist to help people stop smoking.  In fact, although many conditions can be treated through the ears, it appears to be particularly effective in the treatment of musculo-skeletal pain and addictions.

It is said that treatment of the ears promotes well-being and balance, and helps to prevent illness.  Massaging certain areas of the ears is said to balance right and left brain function and enhance focus.  These effects are linked particularly with massage of the ear lobes and unfurling the outer flap in a certain way.

Massaging the ears is said to trigger the release of the body’s natural painkillers known as endorphins - also known for their feel good factor.  You may notice when you massage your own ears that you subsequently feel more relaxed.

The value of massaging the ears therefore cannot be ignored.  When I massage the ears during a Tsuboki face massage treatment and spend time on it, I am giving a general boost to the systems of the body, promoting blood flow to the face and encouraging the relaxation response.