A typical TSUBOKI® face massage comprises 4 stages:

Neck massage to relax the neck and improve blood flow to the face

Anma (Japanese massage techniques) to the face to release over contracted muscles and bring fresh blood and nutrients to the tissues

Stimulation of tsubos and stroking of meridians to activate the facial nerves and increase the flow of ki to the face creating a natural face lift

Lymphatic drainage to further encourage the release of toxins from the tissues. 

Ridoki Rollers may also be used.


The name TSUBOKI® is a combination of 2 words:

TSUBO, an acupressure point along a meridian where the energy can be most easily influenced and

KI, the energy that flows through the meridians.

It was developed by Anne Parry, a practitioner of several types of massage.  Anne has lived and trained in various parts of the world and when living in Fiji, swapped treatments with a Japanese woman who frequently gave her face massage.  The benefits of it impressed Anne who then used her knowledge to develop her own treatment.

TSUBOKI® Japanese Face Massage is a wonderfully relaxing yet energising treatment suitable for men and women who want to feel good both on the inside and the outside.