Two chair work is taken from Gestalt Therapy.  It is an extremely useful technique when someone is still holding unhelpful emotion towards an important person in their life.  This could be a parent, a teacher, a friend and so on.


It is a very simple technique that allows you to discharge old feelings that are still having an impact on you and affecting your behaviour and feelings.   Strange though it may sound, this process can also give you clarity about where the other person was coming from in their interaction with you.  


The reason this is possible is because of the way the mind works.  We are consciously only aware of a very small number of things in our environment at any one time.  Unconsciously however, we are picking up a mass of information which can include the feelings of the other person.


Often when we have experienced a distressing situation with someone or a number of distressing situations, we make a decision about the other person and their intentions towards us.  The two chair process if appropriate, often reveals what the other person was really intending that we were consciously unaware of.  In the hypnotic state, the information held at the unconscious level can become available to us.


Often this information surprises the client.  We may have created all sorts of stories around why a person behaves the way they do or did what they did to us.  Very often, it is far from the truth.  These new understandings can allow us to let go of old hurts.


Please note that sometimes it is only appropriate to use this technique to enable you to offload the remaining feelings you have towards someone.  In situations such as abuse, trying to clarify the other person's intentions is not appropriate.