"Face massage is an excellent therapeutic treatment.  Mine was relaxing and thorough, it cleared all my stress and I felt and looked much better afterwards.  I enjoyed the work on my shoulders and loved all the face and head work.  I would highly recommend this treatment to anyone who wants to treat stress or other problems which can have an adverse effect on the face."  Nancy Rogers


"I feel extremely comfortable through each session.  Drifted off and completely comfortable."


"I feel more peaceful and lighter.  Brings the pressure down."


"What I love about Catherine's Tsuboki face massage treatments is that it focuses on the shoulder and neck areas as well as the face and head. I carry a lot of physical stress in my neck and shoulders and the treatments are wonderfully relieving. I come away both relaxed, soothed and yet re-energised. It may sound odd to say but the massge techniques used on the face make me feel alive, awakened! I tend not to touch my face other than to clean or moisturise it and that is usually done in a rush. There is a whole-body relaxing effect from having face massage that I didnt expect. If you havent tried it yet, do, you will be very pleasantly surprised"