When Teresa came to see me she had a list of things she wanted to deal with in her hypnotherapy sessions.  These included:

Losing weight.  She had gained about 3st after stopping smoking.  
A fear of failure and being judged
To stop envying others
Stop holding grudges
Learn to trust others
Let go of hurts from the past
Sleep better
Move forward in her life
Finish her degree
Get a better job

It emerged that since stopping smoking, Teresa had gained 3st and realised she comfort ate and used food as a reward or to stave off loneliness.  She wanted to stop snacking on cakes, ice-cream and chocolate and only eat these as treats on special occasions.  She also wanted to get back into her nice clothes.  

As we talked, it emerged that Teresa had been bullied from the age of 11.  She had been subjected to name-calling about her weight.  She had also been away from school for a period of time following surgery for the removal of her tonsils and on returning to school, found she had been completely ostracised from the group of girls she had been going around with.  Even her desk had been moved to another part of the classroom.  Teresa had no idea why this occurred and wondered what she had done to deserve this treatment.  As a result, she took up with another girl who was an “outcast” in the school and at a point, they started smoking together.  Teresa felt she was only able to make friends with other “outcasts”.  Since this incident still held some emotional charge for Teresa, I suggested it would be beneficial to her if we cleared this up in the first instance.


I took Teresa through a process where she was able to view herself in the future with her problem resolved so that she could bring these resources with her when reviewing the troubling incident.  After we had “revisited” the bullying event, Teresa told me that as she went forward into the future, she saw that she had completed her degree.  When she had reviewed the bullying incident, she realised that if she had generally been nicer to all her classmates, she would not have been left alone when ostracized by her immediate group of friends.  She also felt that what had happened wasn’t so important to her anymore.


The following week, Teresa returned saying that she had stopped comfort eating.  She had also noticed a change in her relationship with her boss who she felt had been bullying her.  Her boss was now treating her with respect and she had stopped worrying about work, leaving it behind when she left to go home for the night.  She still wanted to work on eating more healthily giving herself what she needed to have and feeling good in her body.  We spent this session focusing on Teresa’s way of eating and visualising herself looking the way she wanted to look.  I then made a recording for her to listen to at home.

The following week Teresa reported not wanting to eat cakes and chocolates which came as a complete surprise to her.  She was substituting eating crisps a little however but eating a proper meal in the evening so that she didn’t snack later on.  She generally felt she was communicating better with people with a continuing improved relationship with her boss.  We didn’t do any hypnotherapy this session as Teresa felt she had the tools to move forward and would only come back if she felt she needed to.


"After weeks of soul searching and armed with my list of issues I went to see Catherine for my initial consultation. I am so glad I went! Working with Catherine has completely changed my view of my life, myself and how I relate to others. It's funny how you learn certain behaviours or coping strategies based on past traumatic experiences. Through meditation I've learned to be in the present, to achieve my dreams and settle for nothing less. As a result I find that I'm happier in myself, sleep better and am more forgiving of others. In fact I still regularly practice. I can't thank her enough and wouldn't hesitate to recommend her warmly without reservation"

Teresa's results clearly show how one experience from the past and its ability to still cause distress in the present, can impact on one's life in several arenas.  Simply by addressing this one event, Teresa's life changed for the better and ran more smoothly, clearing up several of the items on her initial list in one go.