We all know that stress and tension are reflected in the face.  When we look at someone, we can often tell how they are feeling.  Did you know though that that what you see may also be layers of stress that have built up over years?

As a hypnotherapist as well as practitioner of Tsuboki Japanese Face Massage, I can always tell when the work I have been doing with someone is having an effect without their saying anything.  This is because it shows on their face.  They may have resolved an old issue even a very old issue and it is visible on their face.  

Many people remark that I look much younger than I am.  This isn’t just because I look after myself, eat well, exercise (including my face) and take adequate rest and relaxation.  I believe it is also because I have resolved many old issues and beliefs, some through working with other therapists, but many I have resolved myself.

When we experience life events whether we deem them positive or negative, we are designed to process them and move on.  This means that the effects no longer stay with us.  Most of us though have experienced events in life which have caused us distress that has never been fully resolved, or have caused us to have to lead our lives in ways that feel unnatural to our true essence. 

In response to these, the tissues of the body have contracted and not released, leading to ongoing muscular tension.  This is as true of the muscles of the face as it is of the muscles of the back, for example.  So in addition to the other things you might do to look after yourself and remain as stress-free as possible, resolving old issues can lead to a more relaxed face.