This coaching is particularly aimed at those who have to make the occasional speech or for a special occasion, such as a best man's speech.

If you are unfamiliar with speaking in public, writing and giving a best man's, wedding, after-dinner  or other speech can be nerve-wracking. You want to be as calm and relaxed as possible. You want to be able to enjoy the event. You even want to enjoy giving your speech. 

I am a former member of a Toastmaster's speaking club where I gained the Competent Communicator Award. Whilst there, on one occasion I won my group's annual humorous speech contest and on another, their international speech contest. I am now a member of a storytelling group where I regularly speak in front of groups. 

I have learned a great deal about putting together a speech that really draws in your audience so they really want to listen, things like body language, use of language, pacing, structuring your speech, introducing humour and incorporating stories. 

Of course, being a hypnotherapist means I know a lot about how to become and remain calm and feel in control. 

I have helped people write compelling and enjoyable wedding speeches: sometimes people aren't quite sure what to include or how to put it. If you love your speech and you are well-prepared, it goes a long way to helping you feel more relaxed. 

I offer coaching sessions which can include any of the above - whether you need help to put your speech together or help to get on top of nerves or both. If as we work it seems that a session of hypnotherapy would be helpful, you would be able to take advantage of this at a reduced rate. 

If you would like to find out more or talk to me further about how I can help you, do contact me on
020 7585 1181

"Hi Catherine, 

just quick note to let you know the speech went fantastically well!! 

I think the preparation and breathing techniques massively helped me feel more comfortable on the day. 

I was surprised how calm I was on the day and only became a little nervous in the couple of minutes leading up to my speech. 

Thank you SO much for the coaching, I am so glad I had the 3 sessions with you, it 100% helped me in the preparing from structuring the speech, breathing and the brilliant advice for delivery."
 A.H. London