You are undoubtedly familiar with that feeling of part of you wanting one thing,and another part wanting something else.  You may even have used this language.  The truth is, we have many different "parts" to us, aspects of our personalities that come into play in different situations.  For example, we may have an "inner critic" that takes over when we are speaking in front of others, or a "lazy" part that can't get up in the mornings or a part that is the life and soul of the party, and so on.  This is perfectly normal.  


Trouble only develops when we find ourselves with internal conflict about how we want to behave in situations, for example wanting to get up early to exercise but finding ourselves switching off the alarm and turning over.  Or, starting a new healthy regime and finding ourselves hitting the chocolate and cakes after a few days.  The point is that behind these behaviours is something our unconscious is trying to do for us that is positive.  It may for example be that there is an aspect of us that thinks it is protecting us by its behaviour.  Usually, this developed at some time in our history and was in fact the best way we knew to deal with a situation at the time.  Now that behaviour is outdated and no longer in line with who we are.


Parts Therapy allows us to gain this greater information about what is going on for us and to internally negotiate a different behaviour more in line with what we want.