TSUBOKI® Japanese Face Massage is a unique treatment of the upper shoulders, neck, face and head.  It is more than a traditional facial because it combines several techniques to give a layered and comprehensive treatment that can also promote improved energy flow throughout the entire body.

People who most benefit from it are:

Those who need to de-stress.  In addition to the physical benefits, Tsuboki Japanese Face Massage invariably takes you to a level of relaxation you may never have experienced.

Those who hold tension in their face and neck caused by computer and phone use, for example 

Those whose appearance is important to them either personally or professionally - Tsuboki has a natural facelifting effect

Those who have been used to deep bodywork and want to experience a different approach

Those who actively care for their wellbeing.  In addition to the benefits of acupressure and meridian work, Tsuboki detoxes the tissues of the face and directly promotes lymphatic drainage in the face.

Tsuboki incorporates both dry techniques and work with the non-allergenic Camellia oil for a complete and tailored treatment.  Stimulation of as many as 50 acupressure points not only helps to balance energy flow in the face and head area, but also throughout the body.  For many, Tsuboki face massage feels like a full body treatment.

For more information on the many benefits of Tsuboki and how I work, please take a look at my articles.

There are a few conditions where Tsuboki treatment is contraindicated.  Please have a look at those here.