Sometimes when I am working with someone, I will ask them in hypnosis to think about their issue and allow an image that represents their problem to come forward.  An image can often give us important information about the issue.


Long before language was developed, our brains were thinking in pictures.  In fact, whenever you you think about doing something, you create pictures in your mind before you act.  So if you are planning on preparing lunch, you see that in your mind beforehand.  They may not be very strong or clear pictures, but they are there nevertheless.


We can use this image-making aspect of our brains to make therapeutic change.  It can give us the "bigger picture" so that we know what we are dealing with.  It can also lead to information about the best way to resolve a problem.


We can also use imagery work or visualisation to create pictures of how we want things to be for us.  For example, seeing ourselves slender, physically active and so on.  Having images of what we want in our minds can act as motivators and reminders of what we want to achieve.