Why Do We Use Hypnosis?

The key reason we use the state of hypnosis in which to do therapy is because it is a state of absorption, in this case a state of internal absorption.  This means that the normal chatter of the mind is quietened down.  It then becomes so much easier, with guidance, to make the changes you want. If, as is often the case, we need to access old memories then this state of awareness is perfect for us to do that.

Many people come to hypnotherapy believing that they will experience a new state of awareness.  This is
not the case.  In fact, you are very used to going into a hypnotic state as you do so every day, several times a day.  

The hypnotic state is often characterised by the following:

Feeling deeply relaxed
Reduced awareness of your body
Reduced awareness of surroundings
A quietening of the mind
A feeling of not wanting to move
The fading in and out of the therapist’s voice
A distorted perception of the length of the hypnotic session (time distortion)

These kinds of experiences often occur when we are daydreaming, engrossed in a good book, film or piece of music, doing something we do as a matter of routine such as showering and even when driving when it is known as “highway hypnosis”.

During the hypnotherapy session, I guide you into this state by talking to you often helping you to recall experiences you have told me about when you have been in this state of awareness.  It’s a very normal, familiar state.



Therapeutic Tools

There is a range of tools I can use to help you make the changes you want.  These include age-regression, parts therapy, future orientation, two chair work, rewind technique, direct suggestion and imagery work.  For most people, a combination of several of these tools creates a powerful treatment.  




What Else?

Usually I give you something to do between sessions, usually on a daily basis, to reinforce what we have done in the session and move things along more quickly.  This might include some self-hypnosis or listening to a recording I have made specifically for you.  This is an important part of the treatment and usually only takes up a small amount of time. 



Your Personal Power to Change

Ultimately, the power to make the changes you want lies with you.  This is a very empowering thing to know.  Through my training and experience I have the tools to help you, but we are tapping into your own resources to make the changes you want.  I hope this knowledge is exciting for you. 


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