The beauty of hypnotherapy is that it engages both sides of the brain.  Many of the techniques involve the imagination or allowing images to emerge from the unconscious.  Direct suggestion uses language in a particular way to encourage the unconscious mind to take on new information to act on.  It is like giving new instructions to the unconscious in such a way that these are easily absorbed and acted upon.


During the course of the initial consultation, the therapist will be gaining a rounded picture not only of your issue but also of the kind of person you are, for example your work, interests, beliefs and so on.  This is so that the therapist can more easily "enter your reality".  By doing so, the therapist can offer suggestions that feel like a good fit for you and the changes you want to make.   


Direct suggestion usually only forms part of a session.  It is important to create a strong session using a combination of techniques to make sure you get the long-term changes you want.


Most sessions will also incorporate what we call "ego-strengthening", a kind of tonic for the system.  Through day to day living and the challenges we all face, we can naturally all lose sight of our strengths and assets and our confidence. Ego-strengthening can remind us of our resources as well as make the kinds of changes you want to make easier to embrace.