There are many hypnosis downloads on the web, many of them of high quality.  My aim here is to provide self-hypnosis downloads, mainly mp3s but also some pdfs, that are a bit different.  Some of the downloads provide activities for you to do to enhance the 'take-away' as well as listening to an mp3 recording.  You will of course get the most out of your download by doing these.  

So for example my free "Relaxation Magic" download includes a 4 week "course" you can do as well as a relaxation exercise recording.

Recordings cannot take the place of individual therapy where treatment is tailored specifically to you.  That is why I do not make any suggestions that any of the downloads here will resolve specific problems and why I have sometimes focused on topics that most of us could benefit from addressing, such as the "Conscious Eating" recording here.

Try my free recordings first.  New downloads you can buy will be posted over time.  

As always, only listen to the recordings when you can relax and give them your full attention.  Do not listen to them whilst driving, operating machinery or doing anything else that requires your full attention for safety.