As we grow up, we learn, develop and mature.  In our early years, we are very much conditioned by our experiences, what we decide about those experiences and the input of authority figures.  There are many experiences we have that we cannot make sense of, that we just don't have the capacity to analyse or rationalise.  There are also experiences we have that form our habits.  


Any decisions we make in our development stages that have enough emotional charge will be absorbed at an unconscious level.  This means that they will go on automatic pilot and will become active when we are in similar situations.  The same is true of habit formation.  If we repeat a behaviour enough times, it becomes automatic.


Many of our automatic behaviours are useful.  Some are not and this is particularly true with regard to eating.  The beauty of hypnotherapy and age regression is that we can recover the experiences that led to the formation of unhelpful patterns and review them in the light of our adult perceptions.  The effect of this is that the unconscious is able to let go of the pattern and take on a new one.


Age regression simply allows us to identify those periods in life that were formative in the current unwanted behaviour.  Those memories are available to us when age regression is carried out correctly.  We can then review those experiences, see why they are still impacting us and feed the unconscious new information about what we would prefer.