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I help people who want to feel better about themselves in some way.  I help people who want to break a habit, change a behaviour or feel differently about themselves.

Imagine no longer wanting to smoke, or bite your nails, or eat that whole packet of biscuits.  Imagine no longer avoiding public speaking or getting on a plane or looking for a spider before you go in a room.  Imagine dealing with any situation that was previously trying for you.  Imagine how empowered you would feel.

Others have done it, which means you can too.  

It is possible to be free of anxieties and fear.  It is possible to eliminate habits you no longer want.  It is possible to have a different perception of what you can do, what you are capable of.

How can that be?  

Because you have the necessary resources within you to do so.  

People sometimes say to me they can’t understand why they can’t just make the change themselves.  It’s not your fault.  The mind is a wonderful thing has learnt attitudes and behaviours from our previous experiences. It’s designed to do that.



I work with hypnotherapy.  I have around 20 years of experience.  Through that experience, my own mind has learned a tremendous amount about how to help people make change.  It means that in addition to the approaches I have trained in, I often have insight about what would particularly help an individual to make the change they want.   Sometimes this takes both me and my client by surprise. 

I have a number of tools.  Sometimes, I have to help you easily and comfortably resolve old trauma so that you can move on.   I always look for the inner resources you have at your disposal that will help you make the change or changes you want and with my skills, make them more readily available to you where you need them.

That’s the beauty of hypnotherapy - bypassing our limited conscious minds.

There’s nothing strange or unusual about hypnotherapy.  There’s nothing strange or unusual about hypnosis.  The state of mind we call hypnosis is a state of inner absorption - actually one you experience any time you enjoy a good book or film or hobby.  


When you are in this state of hypnosis, we can present new ideas and perspectives to what we call your unconscious mind.  Think of a computer.  A computer runs according to how it is programmed, its software.  By working with your deeper mind, we are changing your programming so that you think, feel and behave differently depending on why you have come to see me.  

I love working with people.  Dare I say that finding and working with the inner resources someone needs to make the changes they want is a joy for me.  More than that though is the absolute pleasure of someone reporting that they made the changes they wanted to make.



I give you my full attention.  I design the treatment specifically for you.  You are a unique individual and the most effective treatment will be unique to you too. 

Hypnotherapy is not a magic wand.  It can though help you resolve most issues speedily.  We work on it together.  This means that I might give you something to do between sessions to speed things along and embed the changes you are making more readily.  It’s important you do what we agree you will do between sessions.

You can read some case studies here to get an idea of what happens in hypnotherapy treatment.  

You can read testimonials here.

"Well, six flights in seven weeks and not a tremor. So I reckon if you can cure that, smoking should be easy!"
Oriental Face Treatments
Tsuboki Japanese Face Massage
This is a wonderful treatment that blends traditional oriental meridian therapy and massage with modern facelifting techniques.  This is the treatment for you if you suffer from stress, tension in the face, neck or head induced by computer and other work or if you simply want to look your best and reduce signs of ageing.
Find out more about it here
"Face massage is an excellent therapeutic treatment.  Mine was relaxing and thorough, it cleared all my stress and I felt and looked much better afterwards.  I enjoyed the work on my shoulders and loved all the face and head work.  I would highly recommend this treatment to anyone who wants to treat stress or other problems which can have an adverse effect on the face."
Audios and Ebooks
A small yet growing selection of self-help materials, some free, to give gentle and positive support to your self-care and well-being practices.  Some of the downloads provide activities for you to do as well as listening to an mp3 to enhance the 'takeaway'.  

For example, my free download "Relaxation Magic" is essentially a 4-week course and includes a .pdf and relaxation recording.


Recordings cannot take the place of individual therapy where treatment is tailored specifically to you.  That is why I do not make any suggestions that any of the downloads here will resolve specific problems and why I have sometimes focused on topics that most of us could benefit from addressing, such as the "Conscious Eating" recording here.

About Me

My name is Catherine Chadwick and I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist and practitioner of Tsuboki Japanese Face Massage.  I have worked in the field of complementary therapies for over 20 years, been a Hypnotherapist for 18 years and given Tsuboki treatments since 2011.  I am a member of the General Hypnotherapy Register and Independent Professional Therapists international.  For more details about my training in these therapies, go here.

As well as running a private practice, I have worked as a volunteer at a centre providing therapies for those living with HIV and as the Relaxation and Visualisation Practitioner at a cancer support centre working largely with imagery to enable clients to work through issues.

What I love about these natural therapies is that they tap into our own abilities for self-healing and for making change.  This is very empowering.  We have lost touch with this understanding over the years.  Life is generally very outwardly focused and we have given away responsibility for our wellbeing to others. 



Natural therapies have helped me regain my health on different occasions over the years, stimulating my own ability to heal.  We don't have to take medication for everything.  There are other ways.  Even just attention to our breathing and the food we put in our bodies can pay enormous dividends.


Getting more in touch with the way our unconscious mind is working to cause us difficulties and providing the right approaches to allow it to take on beliefs and ideas that are more beneficial to us, is all possible for us through hypnotherapy.

Slowing down through the deep space of relaxation that a Tsuboki face treatment can create also provides the possibility of seeing things from a new perspective. 



This is the power of these therapies.


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Free Download: Relaxation Magic - 4 Weeks to Greater Peace
Free Mp3 Download: Conscious Eating
Perfect Ageing Ebook
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